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August 25, 2010
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Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT

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Auto Register OFFERS plus 24 hour act as a taskmaster ---- Easycash !

By plum about CashFiesta Easycash

When we use CashfieataBar making money, your should take care of Cashfieata BOY---let him work for you to earn ponits, and you must register Cashfiesta special OFFERS successful. Have much problem doing those repetition work? Today you can let these thing done by Cashfiesta Easycash software! We spend about four months on debuging,maintenance,testing this Easycash software, Publish today. This software will end your hardly register OFFERS , earn Cashfiesta check easily! The Easycash`s main functions are below: 1.This software act as a taskmaster to Cashfieata BOY. Once the BOY stop working (such as: sit down, run to the advertizing Bar,walking in advertizing Bar,sit down in advertizing Bar),Easycash will SIMULATION a Mouse Move and click event,keep the boy continue working. Because this event take place in a few milliscond,so it do NOT affect your PC use.To Crown all Easycash software can paw the BOY to continue working when he is already in advertizing Bar! IF you leave off your PC ,Easycash software can act as a fulltime taskmaster,24 hours earn points a day! 2.Can you offen have trouble ----Cashfiesta server error,must login again by hand? Easycash software can auto do this! It can identify server error status, Auto Login to server. 3. Use proxy technology,After you completed your Personal Parameter Seting, Just press the REGISTER button,Easycash software can auto register a lot of Cashfiesta special OFFERS in a Little Minute. Save your a lot of time on register OFFERS! 4. Economize network cost mode. Notice: If you chose this function,Easycash will keep Internet off line when on watch. when the Cashfiesta BOY stop work and the CashfieataBar need Connect server,Easycash conect Internet a few second,when the section end,Easycash will keep Internet off line. This will economize your 98.9% network cost! Do not chose this function when you Normal hung up the net
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Latest VersionCashFiesta Easycash 7.0
CashFiesta Easycash 6.2

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  • AnonymousAnonymous

    Do you have an official website, facebook, tweeter that I can follow movement for the future? I don't know how to install this software, please tell how to. Thank a lot for this awesome software....More

    Review of CashFiesta Easycash 7.0 - 14 November 2010
    613 views - 3 of 3 people thought this review useful
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